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As a leader in the Information and Records Management industry, iCognition has always been at the forefront of the digital-first business revolution. For 20+ years, we’ve helped our clients leverage technology and knowledge management to enhance their operations, streamline their workflows and remain competitive. With a focus on providing practical and effective solutions, our work has helped organisations address unique challenges in areas such as data governance, information management, and digital transformation.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, it has become increasingly important for organisations to have the right tools and strategies in place to manage their data and information effectively. By embracing technology and adopting best practices for information management, organisations can position themselves for success in a fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace.  Here are the key takeaways that other companies can learn from digitally thriving businesses:

1. Embrace data-driven decision-making to improve customer experience

A digital-first business who prioritises customer experience rely on data-driven decision-making to inform their strategies. By collecting and analysing data from various sources, these businesses gain insights into their operations, as well as their customer’s behaviours, preferences, and pain points. This in turn allows them to design interfaces that meet their expectations to deliver a seamless user experience.

Utilising an efficient Data Management and Analytics solution to manage content helps businesses harness the power of data to make strategic decisions about product development and create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that improve customer experience.

2. Innovate and automate processes for efficiency

Digital-first businesses are always looking for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. This may include experimenting with new technologies and business models to constantly adapt to changing customer needs and market conditions. A key aspect of gaining a competitive advantage is maintaining a strong focus on efficiency, which businesses attain by automating repetitive, time-consuming processes to free up their employees’ time and resources.

Another way of achieving efficiency is for businesses to shift their IT infrastructure to the cloud, which allows them to scale their operations, reduce costs and improve flexibility quickly and easily. Leveraging cloud infrastructure and optimising technology to automate routine tasks helps digital-first businesses remain competitive in the market.

3. Prioritise Security and Compliance

The pressure to achieve rapid growth often results in many businesses neglecting security. In today’s digital age, however, security and compliance are critical to maintaining customer trust and protecting your business from cyber threats. For a digital-first business this means prioritising security and compliance by implementing robust security measures and adhering to industry standards and regulations. Cloud providers often provide default encryption which reinforces a security-first mentality, with all members of the company valuing a digital immune system.

Although prioritising security and compliance may require a cultural shift for some businesses, it is critical to maintaining customer trust and protecting against cyber threats.

How we can help

Implementing these strategies can be helpful for your business to operate efficiently. iCognition’s next generation content services platform – Ingress is equipped with all the necessary tools your business needs to remain ahead of the competition. Ingress allows you to build and deliver your own content services within corporate apps and supercharges your digital transformation to save money through automation. Having the right information delivered to the right person at the right time supports data-driven decision making to improve efficiency. Ingress also fast-tracks information securely and prevents risk by meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. With any scale of operation, you can ensure that your vital information is always safely managed in the latest software.

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