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Building on iCognition’s successful cloud solutions, Ingress is set to transform Information Management and Governance as we know it.

Today, iCognition has released Ingress, its next-generation Content Services Platform set to transform the way organisations manage and secure content, records and other information. Ingress integrates search, records and information management, security and compliance across multiple repositories including Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive and OpenText.

Poised to change the way large-scale organisations manage information and developed on the back of iCognition’s expertise and success in delivering cloud-based solutions, Ingress offers a new level of innovation and efficiency while creating a single framework for compliance and record management purposes.

In a time where organisations are seeing more breaches of sensitive data, safeguarding information, and having a strong information governance process that is efficient, adaptable, and easy without disrupting the user will be a game-changer for large and complex organisations.

“Ingress turns the information management problem on its head,” said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, iCognition Executive Director. “No longer will users need to navigate to separate information management interfaces. We provide information management functionality directly within your corporate applications – enterprise search, automated or deliberate records management, information sharing and use, and automated business processes, all accessed from within Microsoft 365 Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Outlook. Later versions will expand to other common corporate applications.”

With the ability to fast track your information processes securely, Ingress provides many benefits from keeping the team productive. It will provide them with the right information at the right time, regardless of which repository it lives in, while ensuring your vital corporate information is protected and secure from both external parties and internal agents.

A trusted key partner for large Government departments, Councils, Universities, and Not-for-Profit organisations, iCognition’s expertise spans over 20 years in the Information Management and Governance space, with Ingress setting the tone for iCognition’s evolution within the industry.

“Ingress will help clients manage their information sprawl – particularly the mess that has been created by the sudden adoption of Teams and SharePoint during COVID,” said Joe Mammoliti, iCognition CEO. “What we are releasing today is our first step toward a comprehensive content services platform that clients can build their digital transformations upon.”

The next-generation platform expands on iCognition’s current offering with its security accolades of IRAP and ISO27001, ensuring a highly secure and adaptable platform to supercharge organisation’s digital transformation and ensure vital information is always safely managed with the latest software.