What risks do you have in your content?

How can you manage those risks? We can help.

During twenty years of providing Information Management and Governance strategies and solutions, content security has always been critical in our designs. Whether in strategy development, technical architecture, or business solution configuration, our consultants have a multi-layered understanding of security.

Our security credentials have grown with the release of our content management cloud service, EDRMSaaS. The solution, and in fact the entire company, is security governed by our ISO27001 Information Security Management certification and Australian Government Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) security assessment.

iCognition is a OpenText Cyber Resilience (CyberRes) Platinum Partner!

Using our experienced security certified consultants and OpenText’s cybersecurity tools, we can help you identify security risks in your content. Once identified, we can help you remove those risks through content clean-up and applying records and content management capabilities.

Let us help you discover, protect, and secure sensitive and high-value content in enterprise information repositories. This includes ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) content removal as well as privacy controls and records compliance application.

Do more than secure your IT services!

Identify your content risks, manage them, and protect your vital records for the future.

Learn more about how we do this: Voltage Fusion – iCognition

Our team provides tailored solutions using the best technology.