Trusted and transformative advice that’s right for your organisation

Information is everywhere, and businesses and governments are facing the dual challenges of accessing the right information and records quickly and securely, while making sure they meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Ignoring this can lead to major disruptions, breaches, misleading or incorrect information being used, and cost – both financially and reputationally. Addressing your Information Management and Governance (IMG) issues strategically will place you at the forefront of digital transformation; good IMG foundations lead to faster and more innovative business productivity outcomes.

At iCognition, we take IMG seriously; we treat every business as our own and pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your organisation.

With close to 20 years of IMG experience, our team are more than information experts, they are innovators and problem solvers who can provide proven, trusted, seamless and secure IMG strategies and solutions that work with your industry and governance environment.

We deliver results

iCognition has the methodology and framework to deliver outcomes in the following areas:​

  • Information Assessment: What information exists in your organisation, how is it valued and is it vital?​
  • Business Process Analysis and Information Architecture: What are your key business processes? How does the right information get to the right people at the right time? What information architecture will be required to ensure this efficiently, securely, and reliably?​
  • Strategic Planning: Where does your organisation plan to be? What information and information flows are vital in this transformation? What strategies and systems can ensure increased business efficiency and effectiveness from your information?​
  • Business Case Development: What are your business imperatives and the cost/benefit analysis? How does this compare to market experiences?​
  • Market Assessments: what capabilities and solutions exist in the market to meet your specific needs?
  • Solution Design: What technologies can assist in achieving your outcomes? What is the technical impact of implementation? What is best for users?​

Our team provides tailored solutions using the best technology.