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Content Manager 23.3 has been released. The following new key features are available with this update:

1. Microsoft Teams integration

In alignment with OpenText’s modernisation approach, Content Manager 23.3 introduces a seamless Microsoft Teams integration, fostering a more connected work environment. This integration allows organisations to run one instance of Microsoft 365 with multiple Content Manager instances, streamlining records management within the Content Manager ecosystem. This feature enhances content segregation, ensuring a more efficient records-filling process.

2. Mobile App enhancements

The Content Manager mobile app receives significant updates in this release. Now accessible on tablets, the mobile app extends its functionality to support Mobile Device Management (MDM). Collaborative capabilities are expanded, empowering users to enhance their collaboration efforts. Minor but impactful enhancements include features like records sharing, document attachment, editing record metadata, and timed auto removal of offline documents.

3. Strengthened MIP store

Content Manager 23.3 strengthens the Managed in Place (MIP) store by adding support for various platforms, including OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Lite, Azure Blob Store, and Amazon S3. Moreover, the user interface has been modernised across all functions and features, delivering a more intuitive and seamless experience.

4. Streamlined check-out / edit / check-in

OpenText’s ongoing commitment to enhancing productivity is evident in this release’s support for streamlined checkout, edit, and check-in processes. With a single click, users can seamlessly manage the checkout and check-in of documents, simplifying version control and collaboration.