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Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, announced today that Griffith University will partner with iCognition to use iCognition’s new RMBot to capture, manage and govern information created by Office 365 across the enterprise.

“The number one question we are currently being asked is how to manage and govern information created in Office 365. Our clients are facing an information tsunami created by apps like Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive. We have an answer for this, and now we are about to prove it”, said Nicholas Fripp, iCognition Principal Consultant and Account Manager.

“We are excited to kick off this Office 365 information governance project with Griffith University’s Manager, Productivity & Information Management, Gabrielle Ingram, and her team”, said Mr Fripp. “We will initially integrate SharePoint to Content Manager, and we have a longer-term aim of integrating various other Office 365 applications to Content Manager so that Griffith University can contain the information sprawl created by SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, OneDrive and other Office 365 apps.”

The Office 365 integration will be achieved using iCognition’s new codeless RMBot microservice. RMBOT is an Office 365 to Content Manager microservice that harnesses the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Automate platform with Content Manager.

“This service underpins Office 365 apps and allows Content Manager to become the trusted information source to manage the risk of information sprawl, the build-up of storage costs and leakage of sensitive information causing reputational damage to your organisation,” said Mr Fripp.

RMBot provides codeless integration between Content Manager and Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive, as well SAP, MS Dynamics and social media feeds. Incorporating this microservice into any Power Automate flow provides a single configurable platform for integration without developers and messy integration projects. It provides fast, agile outcomes, flexibility to make changes, and simple upgrades.

“Driving an information management strategy using process automation can achieve quick and sustainable returns and is a key tool to manage information generated in Office 365,” said Mr Fripp.