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OpenText has released its newest version of Content Manager, Content Manager 23.4. The new version features new and exciting enhancements in the areas of rendition, annotation, redaction and viewing.

For organisations looking to transition to the latest version, it is important to put a plan in place to ensure you’re receiving full access to the latest features and benefits. To start planning the move, talk to your iCognition Account Manager or contact us today.

A full list of updates can be found here, with highlights of the new Content Manager 23.4 release as follows:

New Redact Using Scripts Feature:

The new OpenText Brava features – “Redact Using Scripts” – providing users with the power to execute custom commands to identify and redact specific phrases and sections within your documents seamlessly, streamlining the process into a single, efficient action.

Redacting sensitive and/or privacy information:

The “Redact Privacy Info” options efficiently detects and removes sensitive data commonly found in documents and forms, including phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and names. This tool ensures document privacy and compliance, simplifying data protection.

Search text highlighting:

In the Search Text function, the “Term Hit” option toggles the highlighting mode for text patterns in the document or OCR text. When enabled, matching results are highlighted in yellow for easy identification.

Private channel support:

New support options for private Teams channels, allowing members of private channels to capture content into Content Manager.

Post subject line capture:

When capturing posts from Teams into Content Manager the post subject line is automatically populated as the record title, if no subject is present the body is used.

Drag and drop enhancements:

Content Manager users can now drag and drop single or multiple documents into the record list area, to a particular container or Category/Classification, making for quick and easy filing.

Resizing of column headers:

Adjust column widths to fit the length of the column title with the new ‘resize columns to fit’ option.

Verify and restore compression:

Users can choose the “Verify And Restore Compression” option to prevent multiple compressions of records between document stores, ensuring successful preview of electronic documents attached to those records.

Talk to your iCognition Account Manager or contact us today.