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Following an internal 2019 review, Rous County Council decided to abandon a SharePoint-based recordkeeping project and implement Micro Focus Content Manager as the corporate Electronic Document and Records Management solution (EDRMS).

“Having been through the process of choosing a SharePoint-based EDRMS in the past, and then discovering during the implementation that the solution was not fit for purpose, it was important this time round that we selected a system and implementation partner that had strategic long-term fit with our direction, team and goals of the organisation” said Mr Guy Bezrouchko, Rous Council’s Group Manager Corporate and Commercial.

Council had a vision that Content Manager would be the single source of all electronic documents and media across the organisation and meet Council’s record keeping obligations under the State Records Act.

Content Manager was implemented with the iCognition front end, RM Workspace, to deliver a user-friendly enterprise grade system. Additionally, iCognition developed a CRM pilot utilising Content Manager via RM Workflow. The whole project was successfully completed via remote working during COVID-19.