Platinum Partner for OpenText Voltage Fusion

OpenText Voltage Fusion is a data discovery and security tool that enables organisations to quickly find, protect, and secure sensitive and high-value content across mission-critical structured (database) and unstructured repositories such as file shares, SharePoint, M365, Exchange, GoogleDrive, OpenText Content Manager and others.

As an OpenText CyberRes Platinum Partner iCognition can provide Fusion services, including:

  • file analysis, tagging, analytics and personal data discovery;
  • identification and control of security and privacy-sensitive content, both in databases and documents;
  • clean-up of information, de-duplication, and identifying redundant and obsolete records;
  • data preservation, disposition, and records management capabilities for managing the lifecycle of data, ensuring compliance with industry regulations;
  • database optimisation or retirement;
  • capturing records (metadata and/or content) to Content Manager; and
  • manage-in-place capabilities.

Voltage Fusion is a standalone solution, but it can extend the value of OpenText Content Manager in the following ways:

  • Records identification and capture: enables you to analyse key repositories to find, analyse and secure sensitive content to Content Manager.
  • Manage-in-place: content analysed by Fusion can be managed in-place. This provides a knowledge inventory of high-value assets, as well as content that contains sensitive data, without having to move it to Content Manager.

Fusion is built on a modern microservices architecture that is designed to scale. It supports public cloud and private cloud (on-premises) deployments.

Our team provides tailored solutions using the best technology.