Automate business processes easily and engage users effortlessly

RM Workflow is a user-centric web interface built on top of the OpenText Content Manager workflow engine.

  • Business processes are defined in Content Manager, ensuring information security, audit and compliance, while RM Workflow delivers ease of access and use for end users.
  • Can also be used as a general web interface to Content Manager for search, access and edit.
  • Zero footprint, cloud ready

Deliver Digital Transformation

Engage users in fast, effective digital business processes; get business done easily, while compliance occurs transparently.

  • NSW Housing and Property Group, part of NSW Department of Planning and Environment, uses RM Workflow to automate asset management and correspondence management processes.
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment (Tasmania) has also selected it to manage briefings and Ministerial correspondence processes.

Digitising processes using RM Workflow gets the right information to the right person at the right time, delivering:

  • Competitive advantage through fast effective processes.
  • Accuracy in execution of repeatable processes.
  • Automatic records compliance by capturing or creating records in the context of the business process.
  • Reduced training costs as users just get on with their jobs within defined processes.
  • Flexibility to adjust and change business processes quickly.

Unlock existing Content Manager value

Existing Content Manager clients will get great returns: a small investment in RM Workflow unlocks the value of the pre-existing Content Manager workflow functionality, which is usually dormant.

The ROI on this product is excellent:

  • Installing and managing it is minimal effort, as it is server-based and does not require a desktop rollout.
  • The product is totally configurable by the client, avoiding costly setup scripting or development.
  • Reconfiguration effort is minimal when business processes change, as clients can make changes on the fly.

Built for the enterprise

RM Workflow not only delivers existing Content Manager workflow functions in an easy-to-use interface; it provides additional value functions such as an analytics dashboard, online editing, timeline management and other functions.

Key features are:

  • Full access to Content Manager Graphical Workflow functionality
  • Simple and easy usability via email and/or web client
  • Zero-footprint client, so
    • no rollout of desktop software
    • access from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Office 365 Online editing
    • No need for Microsoft Word on your desktop
  • Manage your workflows easily
    • Calendar schedule of all your workflows
    • Graphical view of workflow
    • Storyboard on workflow status
  • Multiple approvers in workflows
    • enter as many assignees as you like to workflows, dynamically generating additional approval paths for every assignee.
  • Administrator tools
    • Executive Dashboard – designed to your requirements
    • CM workflow reports

A great user experience

Facilitating the user experience is the key to RM Workflow:

  • Users can create, modify and interact with Records, Locations, Workflow and Activities from within the web interface.
  • Users get a timeline view of their workflows, showing activities of interest
  • Users can interact with activities directly, or via the calendar, timeline or storyboard views

Users can also interact with workflows via a customisable email notification:

  • Users can “one-click complete” workflow activities from emails, or go directly to the workflow details from emails.
  • Email content is responsive, only showing users what then need to perform workflow actions.

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