Automated record-keeping at your fingertips

RM Connector is a two-way middleware broker between OpenText Content Manager and corporate business applications, allowing records created in the application to be automatically captured into Content Manager, as well as presenting a portlet to access that information in Content Manager from the line of business system.


RM Connector bridges the gap between transactional business systems and Content Manager, allowing organisations to embed sound recordkeeping practices in all systems and/or services. Once in place, it provides automated recordkeeping at key stages of decision-making processes.

RM Connector reduces the risk, cost and maintenance effort in integrating business applications to Content Manager. It ‘loosely couples’ applications so the integration and the applications can be easily modified, upgraded or added to without major costs.

Having been tried and tested over many years, organisations easily maintain their integrations, reducing overall cost and effort. Easy to install and set up, this Connector will allow you to achieve fast and inexpensive results.


RM Connector allows clients to capture, manage and present Content Manager records in line-of-business systems. This provides a sophisticated and seamless integration between line-of-business systems and Content Manager. RM Connector portlets are also available to expose search, edit and view actions associated with the records displayed in the line-of-business system.

Below is what the portlet looks like in Salesforce. The portlet allows access to records in Content Manager relevant to the user’s context within the line-of-business system interface. The portlet also allows for Content Manager actions to be provided relevant to the user’s requirements.

RM Connector provides a consistent and functional records capture and access user interface within your line-of-business systems.

Bulk record imports and updates (CSV Adapter)

An additional capability of RM Connector is the ability to import bulk records or update records in bulk using our CSV Adapter. This allows for bulk import of electronic, digitised or hardcopy records, or bulk updates from warehousing providers such as Iron Mountain or Grace. Clients can easily import legacy records resulting from system retirements or integrations, or to update records in bulk arising from record destructions, movement history tracking, or file closures. This solution provides greater functionality over the standard Content Manager dataport capability, such as hierarchical record creation, enhanced record matching, and data transformation and enhancement.

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