Unlock the potential of your Content Manager

Improve the user experience, automate processes across the enterprise, increase productivity, make autoclassification fast and easy, and connect systems quickly.

These value-added solutions for OpenText Content Manager increase user satisfaction, hides complexity, automates and connects so that users just get on with the job.

Get value straight away. This suite is fast and easy to install, is mobile-friendly and painlessly integrates to enterprise applications.

Use this advanced technology to transform your business, unlock your Content Manager potential, and maximise the value of your information assets.

One suite, many benefits

User Productivity

RM Workflow

Automate business processes easily and engage users effortlessly. Provide them with a digital dashboard to track the process.

RM Workspace

Multi-award winning collaborative workspace web portal that improves user take-up and adoption.

RM Public View

Make information accessible via search. Expose live information out of your EDRMS securely with non-administrative staff, public, or contracting partners.

Seamless Integration

RM Connector

Automatically connect information between OpenText Content Manager and organisational business applications such as Salesfore, MS Dynamics and others.

RM Tech One Connector

Integrate the Technology One product suite with Content Manager(CM) to manage records and allow users to seamlessly access CM documents from Technology One.

RM Bot

Integrate M365 and multiple applications to CM using Microsoft Power Automate. Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes, and automatically capture records.

Backend Automation

RM Autoclass

Comprehensive, fast and accurate auto classification capability that uses best-of-breed Microsoft AI to classify records in bulk or at the aggregate level.

RM Analyst

Collect and analyse your OpenText Content Manager configuration data with this health check data collection and analysis tool.

RM Folder Creator

Automatically create folders, subfolders and electronic objects based on your specific configuration.

Our team provides tailored solutions using the best technology.