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Note that DPIPWE was renamed to Department of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) in 2021.

Richard Mitchell, Director Project Management Office for DPIPWE, explains the challenge: “We had several key business applications we needed to integrate with our record management system to ensure compliance. Meanwhile, the IT landscape is changing all the time. We were introducing Microsoft Office 365 to make it easier for our remote offices to engage across our enterprise information systems environment. As an organisation, our ICT strategy is for a cloud-first approach and we just could not leverage any of these opportunities with the current record management tool set.”

The organisation wanted to simplify security access management for staff, and provide a user-friendly, cloud-based, record management system, to increase usage and compliance. It engaged with iCognition, a leading Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist with over 17 years of success offering IMG solutions and services. It has a strong track record and established methodologies for defining, planning, implementing, and transitioning organisations to enterprise-wide IMG solutions. Exactly what DPIPWE needed to move forward. Nicholas Fripp, Principal Consultant with iCognition: “We needed to demonstrate our organisational capability and have a deep understanding of DPIPWE’s requirements. This called for a flexible, highly performing, and compliant solution to deliver a competitive return on investment.”  A presentation by the DPIPWE project manager explaining the solution can be found on our Youtube channel.

iCognition implemented EDRMSaaS.Cloud, an electronic document and record management system, provisioned and accessed in a software as a service (SaaS) model on Microsoft Azure’s AU Central Infrastructure, which complies with the most exacting service levels. The system is underpinned by Micro Focus Content Manager, designed to help organisations meet data privacy regulatory guidelines through the management and disposition of data. During the implementation project content managed in DPIPWE’s main on-premises system (DocumentONE) was migrated, as well as legacy data. The solution integrates with multiple business systems, including the identity and management solution for role based access controls. Value-added iCognition components allow users to engage with extensive workflows that streamline business processes and create organizational efficiencies to ensure governance and security at the highest levels.

All records are now fully controlled and easily accessed within EDRMSaaS.Cloud. They are managed in compliance with AS/ISO 15489 as well as ISO 16175, following all requirements for records held in electronic office environments.

“EDRMSaaS.Cloud is designed with the user in mind,” says Mitchell. “Staff were quickly able to understand how to use the system and easily access their records and documents. Small and remote office and mobile users are fully supported by delivery of the service to any device, at any time.” Following the introduction of Office 365 and EDRMSaaS.Cloud, DPIPWE now has a compliant, sustainable platform with full and transparent governance over its Office 365 environment. “We can see opportunity for additional business process efficiencies, and will work closely with DPIPWE management and staff to realise these.” comments Fripp.

Mitchell concludes: “Content Manager is at the core of our cloud-enabled record and document management, and forms the engine of all our record keeping requirements. This userfriendly solution, fully managed by iCognition to ensure it remains optimized, secure, fast, and robust, leaves us free to focus on our core business of looking after our natural and cultural heritage.”