Discover, access, gather and share information from Content Manager easier

Boost staff productivity and usage with this multi-award winning collaborative ​digital workspace for OpenText Content Manager. Meanwhile, records management happens transparently.

RM Workspace provides a proven user experience that increases Content Manager user adoption, decreases training and support costs, and increases productivity through access and collaboration. It is underpinned by the Content Manager records management compliance engine that applies the rules of evidence set up by the organisation. The functionality is unique because it is built using user-centric principles resulting in high user adoption, while hiding away the complexities of compliance from the users at the same time.

RM Workspace meets WCAG 2.0 level AA accessibility compliance, and is a user-friendly, intuitive and accessible workspace that is easy to use and fast to learn. The design is the result of a user experience (UX) design process, providing multiple discoveries and navigation methods, as well as effective, satisfying and useful functionality. It provides direct access to documents that the users are allowed access to according to security rules in Content Manager.

This value-added solution can be used as a general user interface for Content Manager, as well as a web ‘portal’ interface. It is also a web interface that is accessible from any browser, and thus is compliant and complementary to your Intranet, SharePoint or mobile strategies.

Benefits of RM Workspace

  • High value for money collaborative workspace and Content Manager Interface
  • Fast and Easy deployment model- hours, not months!
  • Easily capture and discover information
  • Keep information found via tagging and personalisation
  • Records transparently captured and managed
  • Fast effective sharing, workflow and collaboration
  • Users create, use and remove group collaboration spaces on demand, without compromising records compliance
  • Cloud-ready network-friendly web solution that is accessible on any device
  • Complies with accessibility standard WCAG 2.0 AA

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