Capture, manage and access records from TechOne

RM TechOne Connector allows clients to use OpenText Content Manager as the authoritative source for records created in, and accessed from, their corporate Technology One application.  Technology One then becomes the prime application for business users, while Content Manager transparently captures and applies records management policies.

RM TechOne Connector reduces the risk, cost and maintenance effort in integrating Technology One to Content Manager. Technology One and Content Manager become ‘loosely coupled’ via the RM TechOne Connector middleware, which not only transparently captures and allows access to records, it protects the clients investment by allowing both Technology One and Content Manager to be easily upgraded without major re-integration costs. Additional metadata, or even applications, can be flexibly added over time, thus avoiding further integration costs.

RM TechOne Connector works by passing information to Content Manager from Technology One to store appropriate artefacts and metadata. Metadata is captured at the both the container level and the document level. A presentation layer component provides the end users with access to the relevant Content Manager records within Technology One, including the capability to upload new documents.

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