Streamlined, automated records-management

Low code or no code integration to M365 and beyond.

RM Bot is a microservice that harnesses the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Automate platform with Content Manager to maximise the value from this solution. The number one question iCognition is currently being asked is how to manage and govern information created in M365. Our clients are facing an information tsunami created by apps like Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive. We have an answer for this, it’s called RM Bot, an M365 to Content Manager microservice that resides within the Power Automate platform. It is a codeless integration option that gets you to your goal cheaper, faster and allows more flexibility.

Power Automate

RM Bot uses the Microsoft’s Power Platform that lets organisations analyse, act and automate processes across their organization. It includes AI features, analytics, and data visualisation enabling anyone to create powerful automation actions, or flows, without being a developer. One component of the Power Platform is Power Automate, which provides digital and robotic process automation. Today Power Automate already has over 350 connectors to support automation and is capable of reinventing business processes.

Power Automate is bundled through M365 subscription and can be used to build critical or important flows to capture the relevant business information.

Case Study

Griffith University was facing challenges with information sprawl coming from their M365 apps – Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive. They gained control and governance of their information by using the iCognition RM Bot, a Content Manager microservice that harnesses the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Automate platform and Content Manager to integrate M365. This included managing records in a critical SharePoint based contract management system by archiving them to Content Manager. They received the IMG Technology Excellence award for 2021 for this implementation. For more on how Griffith University implemented RM Bot by watching this online presentation from our client: .

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