Fast implementation, high accuracy, and bulk classification

RM Autoclass is a comprehensive, fast and accurate auto classification solution for either singular records or records in aggregate/bulk. Make this your ‘lights out’ auto-classification solution that operates behind the scenes to enhance search, retention and your digital records management program.

Often autoclassification is limited to applying classifications at the object/document level. RM Autoclass can do this too, but its strength is to classify at the bulk level and can aggregate object/document records into appropriately classified folders.

It does this using best-of-breed Microsoft Artificial Intelligence technologies built into a fast and accurate classification model.  This allows it to classify to a high level of accuracy with minimal training effort, providing comprehensive coverage and making it fast to implement.

RM Autoclass analyses title, document content, and optionally document location details and other supplementary metadata to predict and apply appropriate terms based on a confidence level. It will automatically review and update Business Classification Terms to existing records in Content Manager, or just auto apply classifications to new records.

It can also be leveraged to auto classify records in business applications, in other content management systems (such as SharePoint or Objective), or even in network drives.

The service has its own interface to allow users to set confidence levels, connect sources and train the service, as well as to review and update classifications already applied to records easily.

Our team provides tailored solutions using the best technology.