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Increasing eDRMS user access and adoption

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The Department implemented Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly TRIM) across the organisation as their corporate electronic document and records management system (eDRMS) in the early 2000s. This included successfully integrating Content Manager with a number of core line of business applications whereby all records created by users within these business applications are automatically captured into Content Manager. This provides the Department with strong records management compliance and ensures the Department is efficiently capturing and managing records digitally across the environment.

Despite having a well-defined system configuration, strong recordkeeping practices and processes in place for capturing and managing records, and automated capture processes, the Department wanted to increase general end-user adoption, ease of use and mobility. The objective was to increase end-user uptake, reduce the cost of training and re-training staff in the use of the eDRMS, and to increase access from field staff using tablets.

The Department engages iCognition as a Content Manager and Information Management consultancy support partner. In addition to providing Content Manager technical support, iCognition assisted with defining an Information Management Framework, and re-developing policies, procedures and strategies for recordkeeping across the Department. This had the goal of not only improving the Department’s information management and governance but to also enhancing how the eDRMS is utilised and viewed within the Department.

As part of this improvement and transition project the Department chose to upgrade to Content Manager and implement iCognition’s RM Workspace, a COTS product that is designed from the ground up to improve the staff experience in Content Manager use and increase collaboration around information in Content Manager.

The upgrade and RM Workspace implementation enabled the Department to better harness the power of their Content Manager system, and provide staff and the organisation with:

  • A user friendly interface for searching, retrieving, saving and updating corporate records.
  • A digital workspace to discover, gather, share and collaborate around Content Manager information.
  • Decreased cost of training through quick and easy training programs, reducing previous 3–4 hour eDRMS training sessions down to 1.5 hours.
  • Increased new starter adoption and on-the-job learning, as staff can undertake simple online eLearning and or attend the short 1.5 hour training session to understand everything they need to know about eDRMS usage.
  • Streamlined help desk support, as usage is generally focused on a single user interface across the Department.
  • Assisted in the Department’s mobility strategy, as the single web interface of RM Workspace enabled the eDRMS to be quickly and easily accessed on any device, including standard PC’s, mini PC’s, and Tablets, with the same look and feel.
  • Future upgrade resilience, as the Department sees the use of RM Workspace in assisting in future upgrades by allowing the user interface to remain consistent throughout the upgrade. This protects the Department’s investment in training and eDRMS use, and keeps retraining to a minimum.